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Bring your front patio and walkways to life with Impressive Masonry specializing in particular landscaping projects. Call today to have one of Impressive Masonry designers to custom design your patio stairs, front yard steps and entrances or walkways. We install patios of flagstone, tile, and pavers. We can also reface your yard with stone posts and pillars, stone retaining walls, borders, and interlock pathways around your house.

Finally, by adding elements such as water features and outdoor fireplaces, we can turn your yard into a beautiful extension of your home. Our specially talented designers can completely change the look and feel of your front or backyard and our expert masons will see that job is done with the highest standards.

We also specialize in concrete flooring. Whether you need to pour new concrete for your garage or front entrance, or you need to repair patio concrete crack, or repair concrete curb driveway, even to repair basement concrete floor or foundation, we will be there.

My property has about 14 acres of land with the front facing a major street in Ottawa south. I had Impressive Masonry install posts for the driveway to my property, and not only it added security to have the post and a gate install afterwards, but also the glamour it added to my property. It was worth every penny and I am glad I hired such a professionals and finished the job right. I would recommend this company to work for my friends and neighbours.

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Paving and driveways

Paving and driveways

Paving Walkways, Patios and Steps

Start planning your next landscaping project now! Don’t wait until summer to begin planning your own beautiful backyard landscape design. Whether it’s a flagstone pathway you always had in mind or wanted to add interlock stone to the front walkway with natural stone retaining walls and built-in flower beds to escort guests to your front door, or a pool surround, outdoor kitchen or reface the exterior of your house with stone work, let Impressive Masonry help you prepare your next stone work project. Contact us today for more information.

Impressive Masonry Lanscaping Services

Can Help the Following:
  • Driveways

    - We lay interlock driveways and walkways, using flagstone, interlock stone and other materials.

  • Flat Work & Paths

    - from design to paving pathways and sidewalks with Verity of materials.

  • Stone Steps & Porches

    - reface your existing front steps or porches or build from scratch with stone work.

  • Stone Patios

    - a dream come true. Make your house standout in the neighbourhood with front stone patio.

  • Concrete Repairs

    - we repair concrete floor, concrete cracks in foundation and concrete steps.

  • Concrete Patio

    - we build concrete patio and steps for the front entrance, walkways or backyard porch.

  • Stone Work

    - we can build stone posts, pillars and add garden features with stone work and other materials.

  • Refacing Home Exterior

    - using different type of materials such as stacked stone to re-face the outdated look of any home.

  • Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplace

    - custom designed and built to suite any size of outdoor kitchens with an outdoor wood or gas fireplace for your home.

We Build From:

  • Natural Stone

  • Concrete Block

  • Precast Concrete

  • Paving Stone

  • Flagstone

  • Exterior Tile

  • Mechanically Fastened Stone

  • Brick

  • Gravel

  • River Rock