Ottawa Masonry Services

Masonry is mainly built from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar. The most common materials used to build masonry construction are brick, stone, granite, marble, travertine, limestone, cast stone, concrete block, stucco, tile, and natural cob.

Brick being the most commonly used material, is known for its durability in chimney and masonry construction. Most importantly, regardless of the materials used to build the masonry fireplace, the quality of the mortar and the workmanship, as well as the pattern in which the bricklayer lays the bricks, can drastically affect the sustainability of the overall masonry construction.

Our certified brick layers and masons will educate you based on your project and building codes. Glen's Masonry is one of Ottawa's trusted masonry contractors offering masonry services including: brick laying, concrete, concrete block, cinder blocks, foundations, and stonework. The application of these services can range from outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces and landscape stone work to entire house stone and concrete work. Our red seal masons can take on any masonry jobs by working hand in hand with architects, custom home builders and commercial property builders in the Ottawa and surrounding areas.

I had pumped my vehicle to the post of my garage door damaging not only my car but also the exterior brick work of my home. I hired Impressive Masonry to fix the exterior damage to the dented area. He professionally repaired the wall and removed the damaged bricks, and I had him install new stone work for my garage. It turned out so gorgeous that I ended up re-facing the entire front exterior bricks of my house to match the garage area.

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Masonry Fireplace

Masonry Fireplace

Masonry Structures & Concrete Block Work

The most widely used material such as brick and stone can increase the thermal mass of a house or building and can protect the dwelling from fire. Most types of masonry typically will not require painting, and therefore reducing life-cycle costs to the home owners. A well built masonry fireplace structure can last more than 500 years in comparison to structures of steel or concrete. A significant development in masonry construction was the invention of concrete (Concrete blocks are fabricated from cement, sand, aggregate, and water.), being more economical and faster to erect than brick or stone blocks.

However many architects still value the masonry brick or stone masonry for its colour, texture, pattern, and look of permanence. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, masonry has a number of other desirable properties, such as resisting fire, controlling sound effects, and a great deal of insulation against daily fluctuations in temperatures specially in Ottawa.

For masonry services and construction, a great variety of tools can be used. These range from hand-held tools as hammers, mallets, chisels, and gouges to machines including frame and circular saws, molding and surfacing machines, and lathes. There are also various appliances for handling stone, cinder blocks, concrete blocks and other masonry construction materials at the building site, ranging from different forms of light hand tackle to machine-driven cranes.

Impressive Masonry Services

Can Help The Following:
  • Brick Laying

    - using bricklaying tools and different techniques and bricklaying patterns to build masonry construction or provide masonry service and maintenance.

  • Exterior Stone Reface

    - using different materials such as stones, bricks, limestone, real stone, cultured stone and more to reface the entire house with.

  • Masonry Repair

    - provide masonry repair services such as tuckpointing to eliminate damages to the masonry construction and prolong its life.

  • Masonry Cleaning

    - digging out and unblocking the chimney's from dead animals or bird nests or cap a chimney permanently if requested.

  • Concrete Block Construction

    - We build new concrete block foundations for home or business additions and repairing old block foundations to make them structurally sound and secure.

  • Custom Built Homes

    - We do brick or stone veneers for new built homes and commercial building constructions.