Ottawa Chimney Repair

Ottawa chimney repair should be on your to do list if you spot lossen bricks or mortar falling out of your brick chimney. Brick chimneys specially in older homes tend to loose their mortar, sealant and the roof flashing surrounding it, due to sever weathers and time. Ottawa chimney repair will fix all those chimney problems. If a leaking chimneyis left untreated it could cause dangerous and expensive damages to your home as moisture creeps into the chimney and fireplace. Letting out toxic gases to your home while mold and mildew being built up in the chimney.

Many companies offer a quick temporary fix, without resolving the original chimney leak, causing more damage and costly repairs over time. While some companies offer to tear down your chimney completely and rebuild and new chimney, since they are not equipped with the right skills and tools to really fix the chimney problems to begin with. Impressive Masonry offers chimney repair, maintenance, rebuild and chimney construction for new homes which are planning to add a fireplace.

At Impressive Masonry we never offer a quick fix recommendation to any of our customers, no matter how expensive or inexpensive your chimney repair project may seem. That's why we have been around doing our professional job for over 15 years with many happy customers to back up our professionalism and workmanship.

I hired Glen to repair my chimney as its bricks were falling apart from the top of the chimney. I was happy to hire Glen to fix the problem as I checked his references and plus he was the only company who offered to fix the problem rather than tearing down the entire chimney. Now it looks seamless.

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Chimney Leaking

Chimney Leaking

Chimney Problems

Ottawa Chimney Repairs

As shown on the left, chimneys can be unsightly and dangerous if allowed to deteriorate. The rate of its deterioration can increase, if repaired using the wrong materials and techniques. Specially in Ottawa chimney repair should be done by professional hands as sever weather conditions have a huge impact on chimney's life.

You may ignore the fact, that poorly repaired chimneys or fireboxes can emit unhealthy gases. Even ignore that loosened stone or brick can fall off the chimney onto cars, neighbours, visitors or even you. You can also ignore your ugly looking chimney, and all the other facts as well, but no one can ignore an ugly chimney. We make any chimney not only operate safely, but add longevity to its life, and not to forget, look incredible too.

Impressive Masonry Chimney Repair Services

Can Help The Following:

  • Cracks, Settlement & Leaks

    – the most common issues in chimneys are when bricks cracks and cause leaks.

  • Repointing, Pointing & Tuckpointing

    – mortar repair between the brick joints without relaying them.

  • Mortar Analysis & Matching

    – simply mixing the right colour mortar and adding it to the already excavated areas.

  • Custom Chimney Caps & Flashing

    – we can build custom metal caps, angle stone chimney caps and repair or replace flashings.

  • Chimney Problems & Leaks

    – repairing chimneys and fireboxes for longevity and to fix early chimney deterioration.

  • Changing the Colour of Chimney Bricks

    – permanently changing the colour of the brick, stone or block without altering its natural texture or breathability.

  • Applying Water Repellents

    – damaging effects of freeze/thaw cycles or crystallization of expansive salts when moisture penetrates in to the chimney.

  • Chimney Liners & Venting

    – replace and installation of new chimney liners and proper fireplace venting as required.

  • New Chimney Construction & Planning

    – if you are building a new home with the thought of adding a wood or gas fireplace, we can assist in planning and constructing the new chimney.

  • Chimney Preventative Maintenance & Inspection

    – we offer chimney inspection and preventative maintenance service to have an enduring chimney.