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A professional and delicate service such as heritage building restoration and preservation of its historic architectural structure as well as stone cleaning should be done by experts hands. At Impressive Masonry we know how difficult the process of historic restoration could be. It takes special knowledge, skills and proper restoration steps, so these structures can continue to endure the tests of time. Unskilled and hurried workers using inappropriate building restoration and cleaning techniques have caused permanent damage to our country's masonry heritage. There is no reason to let it happen to you.

Many historical buildings and heritage homes, specially in Ottawa, have been transformed to keep their historic structures while their interiors have a more modern settings. These historical buildings or homes are often transformed into stores or condos.

At Impressive Masonry we have the expertise and knowledge on how to restore your brick and stone work to its original effects while the rest of the heritage home is demolished and reconstructed. Leave your heritage restoration project in knowledgeable hands of Impressive Masonry. Ottawa building restoration and preservation, trusted for many long years. Go ahead contact Impressive Masonry with your heritage building restoration project in mind.

Many thanks to the Impressive Masonry staff for their great customer service and fantastic work results.

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Heritage Building Restoration

Heritage Building Restoration

Ottawa Stone Restoration and Cleaning

Bricks are the most durable material that people build their homes from, and brick itself is generally more durable than the mortar wrapped around it. To bring back the original effects of the brick, some techniques such as Tuckpointing is used when the mortar joints have been damaged by time and weather. Tuckpointing, Repointing or some places call it Pointing is a process in which the old and damaged mortar is excavated completely and replaced by same colour mortar without removing the original bricks in place. Sometimes mortar is so damaged and bricks are loosen, that Tuckpointing is no longer a useful method for restoration purposes, and other techniques such as Brick Relaying has to be used.

The main area of a heritage house that require Tuckpoining is the chimney area, due to the fact that many masonry crown isn't maintained well. Starting with a small crack in the chimney, the water penetrates into the top of the chimney or eventually the firebox. At first it's hard to notice since the chimney tops are 25 to 30 feet above eye level, but the first sign that you should start to notice are moss growing on the surface of the brick. The earlier you fix this problem the less costly of a project it will be.

Impressive Masonry Restoration & Cleaning Services

Can Help The Following:

  • Cracks, Settlement & Leaks

    – the most common issues in older homes and heritage buildings, especially in Ottawa, due to its sever weather conditions.

  • Repointing, Pointing & Tuckpointing

    – mortar repair between the brick joints without relaying them.

  • Mortar Analysis & Matching

    – simply mixing the right colour mortar and adding it to the already excavated areas.

  • Deteriorated Masonry & Refacing

    – use special skills to repair and enhance the look of older masonries.

  • Chimney Problems & Leaks

    – repairing chimneys and fireboxes for longevity and to fix early chimney deterioration.

  • Changing the Colour of Masonry

    – permanently changing the colour of the brick, stone or block without altering its natural texture or breathability.

  • Applying Water Repellents

    – damaging effects of freeze/thaw cycles or crystallization of expansive salts when moisture penetrates in historic masonry.

  • Masonry Cleaning & Paint Stripping

    – exposing the original colour of the masonry by cleaning it from industrial pollutions and dust brings about an impressive improvement.